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We are Chinese Students Association at University of Luxembourg.
We are dedicated to promote Chinese students to adapt and integrate to university and local community at Luxembourg. Specifically, we provide consultation service pertaining to visa and residence permit application. Not only Chinese students, but non-Chinese students who may have the same questions concerning such application or questions related to chinese students groups are welcome to contact us.
Meanwhile, we actively hold various on-campus Chinese cultural events open to all professors and students at University of Luxembourg.
Welcome all friends who are interested in Chinese culture to join our interesting events, such as the fascinating Chinese movie-play!
In such an unparalleled multicultural university, we hope we can contribute our Chinese style. Your kind support and advice will be our warmest and strongest impetus!

Our Board Members

(ordered by names)

Haoye TIAN


Ph.D. Candidate of SnT, Univiersity of Luxembourg from 2019. Nice to meet you here!

Longfei SONG


Ph.D. Candidate of “PACE” project in MRT department , List from 2019. Before study in Qingdao Univeristy.  In charge of CSA internal management and board meetings, Nice to meet you here!

Yujuan GUI


I am happy to help you!

Qingjie ZHANG

External Advisor

Ph.D. Candidate of Civil Engineering, University of Luxembourg from 2016. We are ready for your service!



Ph.D. Candidate of List, Univiersity of Luxembourg from 2019. In charge of CSA bank account and budget management.  Nice to meet you here!

Wei MA


Ph.D cadidate of SnT, Univiersity of Luxembourg from 2018. Before study in Nanjing University and EPFL Switzerland,  Mananger of CSA website.  Nice to meet you here!


External Advisor

Work in Laboratoire National de sante, before work at University of luxembourg as post-doc. Nice to meet you here!

Ziyun ZHOU

Website manager

Ph.D. Candidate of LCSB, University of Luxembourg from 2020.

Yuwen CAI


Tianying ZHANG



Events organizer

Our platforms



"CSA Luxembourg"

Welcome to join our Wechat group, the Wechat group is the main platform for our commincation and activites.

To join us, please search the “CSA Luxembourg” in Wechat or contact us through e-mail.


"CSA Luxembourg"

You can also follow our Facebook group to get informed of our activites!

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